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Review our requirements and then apply!

  1. No drugs or alcohol or fighting. Any knowledge or suspicion of same must be immediately communicated to the Manager and Owner.
  2. Must attend the one mandatory House Business Meeting per week, the two in-house weekly 12 Step Meetings and donate one hour per week of service time to the House, which will accrue.
  3. Must attend one meeting per day for first 90 days accompanied by a fellow Resident of the House. After the ninety in ninety, you will be expected to regularly attend your meetings with a minimum of five meetings a week, with no maximum. After six months, you will attend a minimum of three meetings per week. Upon arrival at a meeting you shall text to Owner the meeting name & time along with the name of the Resident with whom you went. For the first 90 days, you agree to complete the weekly planner on a daily basis and you are required to submit it each week at the House Business Meeting.
  4. We require you to have a sponsor within one week of living here and maintain regular communication with said Sponsor. Minimum requirements for your selected sponsor is five years of sobriety and a minimum of two years prior experience sponsoring people. You must provide the name and phone number of your Sponsor as soon as one is obtained or any time you change Sponsors. We require any Sponsor you choose to be willing to give a lead at a House Meeting, speak with you daily and meet with you weekly.
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